NDT for Concrete

NDT for Concrete

BOMES can provide three kinds of NDT for concrete which will not damage the surface of the tested concrete. They are

(1) Concrete Ultrasonic Testing

(2) Rebound Hammer Testing

(3) Rebar Scanning.

  • Ultrasonic Concrete Testing
  • Rebound Hammer Testing
  • Rebar Scanning & Locating

Ultrasonic Concrete Testing

An Ultrasonic pulse velocity test is a nondestructive test to check the quality of concrete and natural rocks.
In this test, the strength and quality of concrete or rock are assessed by measuring the velocity of an Ultrasonic pulse passing through a concrete structure or natural rock formation.
This equipment can detect the crack / Void and can determine the slab thickness up to 1 meter.
Also, this equipment can find the compressive strength and can create B-Scan of the concrete block.

Rebound Hammer Testing

The rebound hammer test is one of the nondestructive tests used to check the compressive strength of concrete.
The principle of the rebound hammer test is – The rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface against which its mass strikes.
The limitation of the equipment is can detect the only surface compressive strength.

Rebar Scanning & Locating